The 12th Beijing Global Auto Present yesterday ushered inside the first mass media day. 8 SAIC voyager cars, Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen inside Shanghai car car rates 103 fresh exhibitors, 11 of which as the initial models. Beijing Automobile Show this kind of year’s give attention to technology opposition, Shanghai automobile prices simply by integrating the particular cutting-edge engineering, concept cars as well as the technology will be mature, market-oriented goods, showing the particular R & N strength.

Roewe 950, SAIC brand name has merely announced inside the Shanghai industry. The present, on the particular Roewe 950 inside Shanghai and also Beijing creation of fresh red hole “outdone”, because the executive automobile of a unique brand regarding high-end aspects of focus. Listed in the beginning, the Roewe 950 set the Camry, Audi being a competitive targeted; Auto Present, SAIC admitted the new Reddish Flag can be a “strong contender”. SAIC-brand voyager cars as well as the director regarding product organizing, said Liu Tao, the facial skin of several competitors, emboldened SAIC brand could be the technical stage, such because the Roewe 950 built-in global head in engineering, SAIC brand name is the most mature, many scientific and also technological articles of goods.

SAIC very own brand engineering research and also development “mature” characteristics another notion car referred to as MGICON totally demonstrated, and also general brand name concept automobile with amazing, this tiny SUV higher than a “concept”, the technology is fairly mature. Go through the consumer reaction on the show, we all will determine whether to be able to mass creation. “Tao mentioned.

The jv brands, Shanghai jv car prices on the auto show showing the localization and also green Third & N direction. Shanghai GM’s a few brands to bring Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, 33 models engaging. Of the many brands about display inside Shanghai GM, from a typical family automobile to high end cars, low rider, has a fresh energy goods, widely found in energy conserving and enviromentally friendly protection regarding green engineering. Shanghai Volkswagen introduced a fresh Sunny features a the atmospheric challenging appearance, although highlighting the particular dynamic trend. The outdated models Sunny Lately sales often times over 20, 000, could be the “leader” inside the mid-size automobile, the introduction with the new Lavida will definitely strive to carry on this accomplishment.

SAIC business vehicle’s business vehicle MAXUS Chase even offers six designs exhibiting the newest in automobile networking logistics autos, school bus with the vehicle marketing applications inside commercial car car marketing platform engineering of problem. Auto present scene, SAIC furthermore signed co-operation together with China Telephony to jointly produce a new generation of men and women and autos interactive engineering.

BYD 3 Section of vintage cars, Principal products: automobile dvd person and automobile dvd, are with high quality. F3-speed sharp inside the design concept with a higher stage. The car comes with remote handle driving expertise, so in which F3-speed sharp end up being the world’s initial production models built with the high-end engineering.

Visual array of about 20 meters, the traveling control with the transfer coming from car to be able to car, could be the vehicle to start out, forward and also backward, left and also right directing control with the vehicle with low velocity, truly unmanned. This characteristic is consumer experience because the highest-driven standards, very individual example, really narrow auto parking spaces, the driver on / off inconvenient situations, the basic safety of autos by handy remote control driving transferred into and also out; inside the wind and also rain adverse climate, you also can remote handle vehicles go on to their sideArticle Lookup, against the particular wind and also rain to obtain the vehicles.

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