The past Nike oxygen cushion has been formed in the resilient man made rubber level which produced by pouring mid-air gas in to a resilient man made rubber under a top pressure. Air-Sole was participate in the “modest’ sort, because the modest efficiency in shock absorption ability, stableness performance and also reaction velocity performance. And this kind of technology is trusted in many different sports shoes even now.

Visible Air-Sole: This type of air safety net was produced the Air-Sole in to a visible sort, such because the heel percentage of the OXYGEN JORDAN 3 has been used this kind of visible Air-Sole. Being considered to be the transitional kind between Air-Sole and also Max Oxygen, Visible a hundred and eighty Air-Sole is able to do a excellent damping force plus a perfect obvious impact.

Early Air Max was launched in the season of 1994, which appeared because the shape just like the U-shaped, and became multi-sealed holding chamber Air Max as well as the trachea-shaped Conduit Max Oxygen. It acquired a multi-interval, numerous pressures, lower pressure zoom pressure 5PSI, high-pressure zoom pressure 25PSI. Air Utmost cushioning capacity was very good, can offer appropriateness protection in your feet along with your knees, but might cause loosing machine strength. Running shoes or boots and baseball shoes have been always adopted this type of technology.

The simply 4-8mm fullness air cushion-Zoom Oxygen was a great air cushion with a three-dimensional fabric to help keep its smooth shape, rather than it would consider a basketball shape, with all the air strain of 20PSI. The damping effect having an excellent perception of web site sensitive recurring effect and also excellent velocity, Zoom Oxygen was trusted in substantial outside baseball shoes (for instance FLIGHT collection, the AJ collection), and velocity of jogging shoes (for instance Air focus Miler). The outside Zoom Oxygen cushion had not been perfect inside its damping capacity, its ability was furthermore increased.

Turnes Oxygen cushion has been a hemisphere-shape shock absorption system that may provide any maximum push protection, secure and ease and comfort foot experience, the many eye-catching spot was in which its varied hemisphere-shape boot body can easily changing mid-air pressure in accordance with its requirement. TN Oxygen contained the particular PBAX thermoplastic material that may provide a quick reflection, do away with, and light, flexible and also suitable toes feeling for your appropriate fullness characteristics, its hemispheric physique pressure has been 20PSI as well as the cushion strain was 5PSI.

The Overall Air cushion is seen as the particular enlarged version with the Max Oxygen, with the forefoot grow to 1. 5 cm. Overall Air Foamposite Utmost, namely “Steel”, was the commonest example regarding Total Oxygen Cushion.
SHOX: The particular special very elastic memory foam materials (superior PU components) damping stretchy column and also double TPU trays jointed the particular Mid-sole physical damping engineering. SHOX found in the baseball and jogging shoes were together with different tasks. SHOX system provides perfect damping efficiency, but those people who are under the particular weight regarding 70kg can’t have clear feeling, and this method is trusted in all sorts of sports shoes or boots. IMPAX has been the SHOX basic version, which failed to adopt the particular columnar bottom part, and alternatively, the side to side punch technology was being used to own effect regarding damping and also stability.

IPS was created specifically simply by Nike for your new damping engineering of Oxygen Jordan XX, through the use of 20 parts Phylon substance with diverse density, fullness, size and also location, produced the comparatively independent and also organic things cylindrical jolt absorber.

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