We are moving online and our life is live on internet. Feedster.com refers you to make your online presence safe using these tips.

Do not leave your digital footprints

Posting everything on social media is one of the major threats for you online. It leaves your digital footprints and let everyone know about your activities. It is good to pose online and share you memories but avoid them doing in the real time.

Use VPNs

VPNs actually help you to avoid the history of your browsing data. It lets you to surf safe and secret. You can avoid any data breach easily with the best VPNs.

Secure your devices

Keep your devices password protected and use unique and multi combination passwords. It will help you to make a difference in your security setup. Do not involve your devices in all the operations such as banking, keeping notes and everything else. 

Explore security tools for better protection

It is necessary to look into your security options at all portals and devices. It will help you to pick up advance settings that are no common. Hackers will not be able to access your accounts of devices randomly.

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