Beijing Generator Show inside 2012 (twelfth), man-machine words interaction method independently manufactured by SAIC IVoka physical appearance again, now carrying around the two designs by SAIC MG MG5 and also SAIC Roewe 350.

Since the 2011 Guangzhou Generator Show, IVoka with all the audience achieved the interactive platform with the China’s initial car has been also merely won the particular Guangzhou Automobile Show’s Merit, but a year ago IVoka not necessarily been technically launched and also put in the marketplace. In this kind of year’s Beijing Automobile Show, IVoka will no longer let folks coveted basic exhibits.

Vehicles and also intelligent words interactive engineering iFLYTEK since IVoka engineering providers to offer Chinese presentation synthesis, words recognition engineering, voice analysis technology, voiceprint reputation technology, normal language, studying and tuning in technology copyrighted international head in scientific achievements. These technologies to own communication among man and also machine since easy since communication among people and also intelligent, and contains greatly advertised the advancement of equipment intelligence as well as the Internet regarding Things engineering.

Successfully having on inside MG5 and also Roewe 350 and commence networking program IVoka car in the marketplace now to bring us just what surprise 3sNews press reporter in MG MG5 present car with this landmark merchandise in-depth comprehending.

IVoka the particular voice equipment put in the driver’s head being a man-machine words interaction method, driver-friendly words messages collected from the device.

IVoka very accurate “hearing. ” Demonstration with the technology developers with the scene to be able to reporters IVoka words navigation characteristics, the designer to available the moving over of words calls, just point out a “navigate for the Tiananmen Square” or perhaps “take me to attend Tiananmen Rectangular, the method only after a matter of seconds of short-term pondering, automatically directly into electronic course-plotting maps, plan any navigation path from your Beijing Cina International Convention Center to be able to Tiananmen Rectangular. The reporters point out these terms, interested inside speaking speed decrease, speed upwards or strategic change regarding tone, IVoka can easily successfully recognize.

Shortcut tips to result in the voice-enabled effortless reach of one’s fingers around the steering tyre, which deliver great ease to a number of the drivers are usually driving, avoid dangerous behavior to be able to manually available the electronic digital map as well as the input series.

Developers are usually telling us all, the central functions with the fast, protected voice course-plotting IVoka the particular voice discussion, there are usually many worthless, as extended as you would like to IVoka can perform.

I believe lots of my friends hold the habit of playing the media while driving over a remote server, IVoka save plenty of information media program selection, if you would like to hear what is the news, Main goods: car digital video disc player and also car digital video disc, are with high quality. as long because the active voice turn to the tyre shortcuts, told IVoka “I desire to see Media news plans automatically available and enjoy automatically going news articles. The vivid spots, IVoka electronic digital voice to be able to play a sound near the sound regarding live send out news, extremely realistic, coherent, and will not jerky. Needless to say, if we should hear the language of the air station, notified shortly IVoka “I want to be controlled by the radioFind Write-up, the radio stations program can automatically available.

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