Decorate your home with the trendy 3D Textured IML products that add an invigorating beauty to your home. Unlike the traditional products, textures on the products could only be added through carvings, the IML technology allows the addition of enhanced designs on the surface of the product through printing. A striking feature about the product is that there is no alteration in the inherent mold of the product but changes take place only in the exterior of the product. It takes the desired shape and pattern as the mold dries up. 3D textured material provides an authentic view of the product, thus making the product an excellent one to grab in your home.

What is so special about 3D Textured IML?

Textured IML has been in the market for a long time. Yet, the technological advancements ask for improvisation and improvement of the product with time. 3D Textured IML is an extension of the technology which was being used for a long time. In this model, you can touch and feel the textures, since the 3-dimensional model gives a realistic effect to the product. No more worries about giving the 3D effect on the product by engraving it on the product, rather with the advanced technology, you can rest assured that this product beats the traditional products hands down.

What are the various materials of the molds?

Though there are various types of molds available, let us list down the best molds which can be chosen for your product, to make your product one of the best products available:

  • Use of the metals as molds, like copper and gold.
  • The presence of hydrophobic material and fabric as mold.
  • Use of various kinds of geometrical shapes to give a realistic view.
  • Leathers and brushes can also be used as the surface of the mold for printing.

Added benefits


The material which is used for molding can be recycled. The added benefit is that it will not be responsible for causing any form of pollution. Abating of pollution caused due to plastic material is very crucial. With the current trends of plastic consumption reaching sky-high, such technologies can help to ensure the recyclability of the product. Shifting to this form of IML is an enhanced way to contribute towards the well being of the nature.


 Customization of the design of the products as per the requirement is also the added benefit. You can design the product and create models as per the environment and as per your requirements. Making the products which are completely it for the surrounding is an art, which needs to be mastered and 3D models are the tools to master such an art.

Final thoughts

Moving from the traditional texture models to the modern ones must have some added benefits and costs associated with it. Yet, the long term gains of such a model are more compared to the cost. Since it requires highly experienced people to manufacture such models, purchase from the right source to enjoy the best benefits.

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