Air pollution is making people sick in big cities. Because they have more air pollution than in other cities. People who are living in these areas are facing problems related to air pollution in their life on a daily basis. They cannot move without the masks on their face. This is making their life’s tougher than others. The range of human life in these cities due to air pollution is decreasing and the number of peoples died because of air pollution diseases. People are noticing it very critically and having research on these problems which are created in human lives due to air pollution.

Reasons for Air pollution:

The main reason of air pollution is smoke from the chumminess of the industrial sector. It makes people sick faster than any other factor. Dangerous chemicals are involved in this smoke which is used in the production of various industrial products. But now companies are working on it how they can reduce this air pollution from their companies.

Secondly the vehicles we are using for travelling also play a vital role in the increase in air pollution. The smoke which is eliminated from these cars and other vehicles make air pollution more worst in nature. Then the air conditioners we are using in summers the gasses release from them also make the environment harmful.

Air purifier:

Different companies are working on air purifiers to reduce the air pollution like eco quest is producing a category of air purifiers with the name of alpine air purifier it will help you reduce air pollution in your surrounding and increase the air quality around you. So you can live a healthy life. In the start it is designed on a very basic concept but as time passes technology to bring innovation in its style and working. Now it came up with six layers of purifications which even eliminate bacteria’s form air. Now we talk about some diseases related to air pollution. Here is my website now you can get all the information about how to control air pollution

Diseases due to air pollution:


Asthma is one of very common disease which is caused by air pollution people. In this disease, people feel difficulty in breathing properly. People find difficulty in breathing processes in routine work. It can take your life if you did not take its medicines regularly. Then you can have asthma attack any time when you go to air polluted environment it will badly affect your daily routine tasks.

Lungs Cancer:

Air pollution is one of the main causes of lungs cancer.  Lungs cancer is one of the fast-growing diseases which is deadliest and you cannot prevent yourself from it one once it happened to you. Air pollution is badly affecting human lungs because they have the first interaction with polluted air. It costs many people their lives.

Effects on Lungs functions:

It is also making our lungs weak day by day you can find yourself surrounded other breathing diseases if you don’t have a major one like allergies. People are finding allergic to many things these days due to weak lungs functions and somehow the base is air pollution.

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