Regardless of whether your new laptop arrived dead or developed a serious problem after some use, you most probably will rely on its manufacturer’s warranty to get it fixed. So, what does your laptop’s warranty cover? Read on to discover.

Acer Laptop Warranties

Acer makes laptops and tablets, and is an excellent baseline company when it comes to warranties.

The company issues a one-year worth protection for its aspire line and tablets against any manufacturing defects.

Acer’s line of notebook computers (TravelMates) are sold with a 2-year coverage, which is way beyond what can be found among a vast number of business-model computers.

Acer offers a 3-years standard for desktops.  Beyond this, All Acer products are sold with 90-days software support.

Acer’s standard warranty cover includes repair of products by either the company or an Acer authorized dealer. This also involves products or parts replacement.

While upgrading a hard drive or RAM does not void Acer products warranty, damages caused by upgraded hardware are not covered in the warranty.

The warranty is required to be activated, and your device should be registered with Acer for it to get Acer coverage.

Acer customers are required to pay for all insurance, taxes, shipping, and all costs associated with sending their products for warranty repairs. The company pays the return shipping.

ASUS Product Warranties

Asus has a great line of gaming-based and high-performance laptops and desktops. It also features one of the greatest product warranties as it has expanded coverages for accidents and spills.

Tablets, Hybrids, Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops sold by Asus come with a one year warranty. Asus high-end desktops, on the other hand, have a 3-year warranty. This class mainly covers desktops used for gaming and business. You should check an individual consumer product to know if this warranty is applicable.

Asus high-range notebooks like those in the line of Republic of gamers come with a 1-year warranty. This covers spills, drops, accidents, and unavoidable acts of God.

An Asus warranty covers labor and parts repair. Whether you will pay for Asus shipping cost will depend on the nature of your product. Asus is likely to cover both-way shipping for more expensive products.

Repair, modification, and tampering by unauthorized personnel voids an Asus warranty.

DELL Warranties

There is much parity in warranty terms of all Dell products. This means that even if you buy less-expensive Dell product, you will get a service similar to those who go for high-end dell products.

Dell coverage varies from on-site repair options and DIY repair. On-site repair though is limited to Alienware gaming computers.

Dell’s new laptops, PCs and tablets come with a one-year limited warranty. If you buy a refurbished Dell laptop, you will only enjoy a limited 90-day warranty.

Laptop, PC, and tablets warranties offer coverage for repairs and parts replacement that results from manufacturing defects. However, this does not cover spills, drops, fires, floods, or any natural disasters.

You can replace your RAM and Hard drive without voiding a Dell warranty. Nevertheless, damages caused on the system during the upgrade are not covered. Additionally, the warranty will not include any added parts.

Alienware PCs and laptop warranty covers include on-site repair service for manufacturing problems or defects. This though does not cover any defects or issues caused by the user.

Dell has an online chat service that helps customers over the phone or by chatting. Here, Dell representatives try to diagnose any problems or repair issues a customer may have.

For repairs and replacements, Dell pays for both-ways shipping costs. Customers should supply a shipping box.

HP Warranties

HP products are sold with a 1-year warranty, and the company caters for all shipping costs. This warranty covers repair and part replacement but does not include user accidents. Like Dell, HP has a DIY repair option where its representatives guide users over the phone on how to troubleshoot their laptops.

Upgrading a hard disk or RAM does not void a HP warranty unless such an upgrade causes any damages to the laptop.

Lenovo Warranties

Lenovo’s warranties vary based on the tablet or laptop you buy. Mainstream customer and premium/mainstream business laptops come with a 1-year warranty. Lenovo’s premium ThinkPad configurations have a 3-year warranty.

For defective replaceable parts such as a storage driven RAM, or a battery, Lenovo sends its customers replacement parts and guides them on carrying out repairs. Like many other brands, modifying or upgrading a Lenovo RAM or hard disk does not void your warranty, unless the upgrade causes more problems to the laptop.

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