Pay per call is comparatively a new form of advertisement and one of the most beneficial as well. In pay per call, advertisers don’t have to pay for the form filling or ad click but you just need to pay for the calls you receive.

It works in a way where the users call you by looking at the number shared on your ad copy. This number will be usually a toll-free number where the users won’t have to pay for the call. And the advertisers will pay depending on the minutes of the call.

Such calls are called as inbound calls and upon receiving the call, it can be routed according to the department or rules set by the admin.

So, there are mainly following steps involved in creating and launching the pay per call campaigns-

  • Get a toll-free number or any standard number which will be used to promote
  • Sign up with any pay per call network so that you can promote your campaign
  • Get a call tracking software which will help you manage the campaign and track the calls to find the insights
  • Finally launch the campaign and wait for the calls to come

The ROI of pay per call campaigns are usually much higher than any other form of advertisements. But you’ll find people saying pay per call ads are not for everyone.

This is somehow true also!

The reason behind this is-

Pay per call ads are usually expensive than other pay per click ads the charges are flat charge for the call and then incremental based on the duration of the call you need to pay extra for the toll-free number. Pay per call ads are not recommend for the niches where the ticket size and profit margins are less.

Now let’s talk about the niches where pay per call campaigns are recommended.

#1 Financial Services

This is one of the major sectors where pay per call ads are being used. This also include the credit card and personal loan or home loan segment.

In such niches, the ticket size is large and also the profit margin. If somebody will look for the home loan also, it will be near to $1-2 million at least. And so, the profit margin per ticket is huge and so, pay per call is highly recommended for such niches.

#2 Healthcare

Healthcare is another major filed where pay per call ads are being used much. Again, not all the healthcare unit use it but the costly disease and drugs use it to attract their customer. Especially the diagnostics such as mesothelioma, cancer, etc. are the disease where pay per call ads are being used much.

#3 Legal Services and Law Firms

These are another sector where pay per call ads can be used to drive major profits. If you are lawyer or a law firm and looking for some major client, you can make the best use of pay per call ads to attract clients. These cases go on for years and so profit margin is huge.


These were some of the best niches lists where pay per call can be used to drive the best business with huge profit margins. If you work in these niches, you should try the potential of pay per call ads.

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