To understand its popularity, we need to understand what is exactly pay per call? It is a sort of performance marketing where an advertiser pays the publisher (also known as affiliates or distribution partners) for the good quality calls ignite on the advertiser’s behalf.

Popularity due to its unique profits

Pay per call is indeed very profitable as when an advertiser who singles out to publish pay per call campaigns are spread their distribution and inbound call volume diametric various channels with minimum included work on their part. They have a tremendous profit of whole visibility and control over call traffic and the customer experience.

When it decides to work with a new publisher it gets must to balance the brand’s modesty and enforcing the best customer experience which is a key. It provides pay per call brands the control which they require to test new pay per call campaigns and publishers with little risk.

The markets channels and tactics work best for pay per call

For information, Pay per call campaigns is getting illustrious day by day both online and in traditional marketing tactics. Publishers and advertisers are receiving good results at Ringba through paid/ mobile search, display advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), email, print advertising, and radio.

A unique feature of tracking calls popularized it more. Ringba, the Call Tracking and Analytics Platform, has two ways for tracking phone calls –

  1. Individual tracking phone number

Each and every publisher or campaign is farmed out a particular phone number. When a customer calls employing that phone number, it is tied to the original sources.

  1. Dynamic tracking phone numbers

By unearthing a tiny snip of code on a website or landing page, individual tracking phone numbers are automatically illustrious which capture key online touch points leading to a call – adding publishers or remittance source, campaign and keyword.

The facility of routing various destination phone numbers or locations

The unique facility makes it more unique in its services. Ringba provides a feature which permits you to set up rules to automatically route calls to the best destination. For instance, a publisher can run a non-branded auto insurance campaign. It let them make calls to multiple auto insurance advertisers which are based on situations such as the time of the call, the caller’s geographic location, or their response to certain questions.

The wonderful experience of pay per call campaign

The customers have reviewed pay per call with good reviews. For them making a call through pay per call program is very equal to just making a call to trade directly. Routing and filtering give customer feel of dependency as the call fall in a normal way.

If an IVR is at the right place the customers will first go through the IVR prompts just similar to a phone menu system. The customers do not recognize any difference between them.


Above reasons are enough making pay per call illustrious with such wonderful facility Pay per call truly takes care of its customer and give the best.

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